Liquid Spray Coating

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Our certified Precision Liquid Spray Coating Process serves a variety of industries- including aerospace. Aesthetics are an important part of most projects. That’s why Pilkington maintains its own paint department for applying a wide variety of colors, decorative and graphic effects to aluminum as well as steel, plastics and fiberglass.


Please contact customer service and request a complete packet of our physical samples.


Liquid Spray Coating Booth 12′ × 7′ × 7′
Curing Oven 12′ × 7′ × 7′
Media Blasting Booth 30′ × 10′ × 12′
Conversion Coating / Aluminum Cleaning Tank Line 14′ × 6′ × 4′


The following is a list of applicable specifications for liquid spray coating along with their title and issuer. Pilkington commonly processes to these specifications and is capable of processing to many more upon request.

BAC5736 Application of Chemical and Solvent Resistant Finishes Boeing
BAC5755 Application of Interior Decorative Finishes Boeing
BAC5845 Application of Polyurethane Topcoat Boeing
BAC5882 Application of Urethane Compatible Primer Boeing


Q: What paint do you use?

We have several paints from various suppliers that we like to use, but we can use almost any paint requested by our customers, regardless of color, texture, or formulation.

Q: Can you meet federal color standards?

Yes. We have several customers who require that federal standard paints be used. This requires color testing as well and is indeed part of our service capabilities.

Q: Can you apply top coat paints for aerospace?

Yes. We are constantly masking and painting prime and top coats for aerospace customers. Top coats often have higher visual requirements and do take more time to process, but we have been successful meeting our customers needs.

Q: Do you offer on-site liquid spray coating?

No. We use precision equipment and pressurized spray booths at our facility to ensure products are finished within proper processing parameters. We do not offer painting at customer locations at this time.

Q: What turnaround time can I expect?

We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround. Our rates can fluctuate depending on demand, but we typically finish parts within a week, and often sooner. Consider all the requirements for your product specifically when scheduling. Quality testing, use of uncommon paints, or multiple processes/coatings will undoubtedly require more time.