Non-Destructive Testing

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Detailed Penetrant Inspection techniques reveal possible cracks, voids and inclusions in critical aerospace parts. Both high volume and high sensitivity processes are utilized. Our inspectors are knowledgeable, experienced with aerospace parts and very skilled in the utilized inspection methods.


Please contact customer service and request a complete packet of our physical samples.


Dryer 5′ × 29″ × 32″


The following is a list of applicable specifications for non-destructive testing along with their title and issuer. Pilkington commonly processes to these specifications and is capable of processing to many more upon request.

ASTM E1417 Standard Practice for Liquid Penetrant Testing Industry Standard
BAC5423 Penetrant Methods of Inspection Boeing
BSS7039 Liquid Penetrant Inspection Boeing
DPS4.707 Penetrant Inspection (Fluorescent) Boeing


Q: What approvals are needed for non-destructive testing?

We are certified and approved by Nadcap for NonDestructive Testing. This is a requirement to be able to process aerospace products. Note that many customers will have their own approval process outside of Nadcap. It is best to check with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) before placing an order.

Q: How large of a part can I have processed?

We can accommodate nearly any size of part using various methods of penetrant inspection. We offer methods A, B, and C; each brings its own requirements. These may include various requirements for dryers, types of dyes, and types of developers. We have custom built our equipment to meet the needs of our customers for processing large products.

Q: Do you offer other types of testing beyond dye penetrant?

No. Various other types of non-destructive testing exist such as mag particle or ultrasonic testing. We only offer liquid dye penetrant testing at this time.

Q: How long does it take to for NDT?

We pride ourselves on fast turnaround times and multi-process convenience. Depending on the results, we typically process all parts through NDT in under a week. Then by using further processing capabilities with Pilkington, you can have heat treatment, NDT, chemical treatment, and finishing all done under one roof. This offers a huge time savings. Please check with customer service for more detailed scheduling.